1 week ago 53 2 502

I do not like to talk much. I smoke and look at the exotic birds on the blossoming trees outside…

Could she?
2 months ago 178 0 1006

She could stay alone, not to wait, not to love, not to seek, not to hope. She could build a…

2 months ago 195 1 1159

Three months ago we said goodbye to each other and as it seemed – for keeps. Unexpectedly we spent 5…

He’s not safe, but he’s good
3 months ago 163 0 581

“He’ll be coming and going” he had said. “One day you’ll see him and another you won’t. He doesn’t like…

Heaven is an ocean
4 months ago 151 0 552

An ocean is indescribable. It’s a rare person who can experience it properly, with the sense it deserves. The ocean…

Watamu vacations
4 months ago 111 4 470

We are walking along to the water’s edge in this small Italian town in the middle of East Africa, leaving…

4 months ago 71 0 606

We usually deny our natural inclinations when we are very young. We don’t like everything we got: height, weight, size,…

Thank you
4 months ago 154 4 779

Honestly, I don’t like to celebrate holidays, to isolate special days from the general environment of being to forgive or…

Farewell letter
5 months ago 142 10 860

This city of stone is sleeping in the hands of the winds. In this city beautiful ladies with hungry eyes…

Summer evening
6 months ago 91 1 401

Summer evening… when the relentless sun disappears but you still can feel its odor in the air; when you go…

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